Eden Mosaic Tile Penny Round Antique Copper Mosaic Tile - EMT_T54-COP-AT
Eden Mosaic Tile

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Copper Mosaic Tile > Eden Mosaic Tile Penny Round Antique Copper Mosaic Tile - EMT_T54-COP-AT

Copper Mosaic Tile-Penny Round Antique Copper Mosaic Tile


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Penny Round Antique Copper Mosaic Tile


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One sample per model, up to five different model samples per order.

$32 USD / Per Sheet($32.65 / Per Sq.Ft.)

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The penny round pattern is a beloved and timeless design of mosaic tile that can be used in many applications. The small penny sized pieces create an awe inspiring effect when they come together on a large wall or backsplash.

This tile is the antique copper version of the penny round tile pattern. Each penny round piece is 0.8" (8 mm thick) and the cap is made of real copper with an antique finish creating a warm array of brown and golden tones. This tile is ideal for copper kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, fireplace surrounds, bathroom walls, tub surrounds, bathroom back splashes and other wall decor applications. Create a timeless and unforgettable kitchen backsplash, fireplace or bathroom wall with these copper penny round tiles. This copper mosaic tile is made with real pieces of copper over a ceramic base. The tiles in this sheet are mounted on a nylon mesh which allows for an easy installation.


0.98 SqFt. Per Sheet.

How Do I Calculate My Square Footage?

Use this calculator below to determine how many sheets you will need for your project. Simply type the square footage of your project into the square footage field, then click on the "Calculate" button.

Project Calculator:
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Please Note: It is recommended that you order at least 10% more sheets of tile to account for overages due to cutting mistakes and tile pattern fit. Simply multiply the "Sheets Required" number by 1.1 to determine the adjusted quantity to order.

Copper - Antique Finish

12.3" x 11.5"

0.98 sq. ft.

0.8" x 0.8" (8mm thick)

Nylon Mesh Backing..

Mosaic Tile Installation Guide & FAQ

Eden Mosaic Tile


This copper mosaic tile is comprised of a real copper "cap" attached to a ceramic backing. This provides two obvious advantages, the first being cost. Solid metal mosaic pieces would significantly increase the cost of the tile to an unattainable amount. Secondly, it would be very hard to cut a solid 8mm thick piece of copper.

  • Non-sanded grout only.
  • Please visit our FAQ and Terms & Policies pages for more information.
  • Please note we offer the Green Antique Patina version of the penny round pattern. You can visit EMT_T56-COP-AT for more information.
  • Further, we also offer the Stainless Steel version of the penny round pattern. It is available in two versions, the 5mm thick tile and the 8mm thick tile. Please visit EMT_056-SIL-SM (5mm) or EMT_056-SIL-SM8 (8mm) for more information.
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