Eden Mosaic Tile Modern Random Mixed Tile With White Glass And Textured Metal - EMT_122-MIX-MRFP
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Eden Mosaic Tile

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Modern Random Mixed Tile With White Glass And Textured Metal
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$19 USD / Per Sheet ($19.39 / Per Sq.Ft.)
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Product Information:

This very unique metal mosaic tile is ideal for stainless steel backsplashes. This mosaic features random length linear brick shaped stainless steel tiles and white glass tiles. There are actually three different types of stainless steel finishes on this mosaic including polished mirror stainless steel, renticulate pattern and fingerprint pattern. The three stainless finishes and white glass give this metal mosaic tile a wonderful level of depth and a unique quality that canít be compared to plain single color tiles. The tiles in this sheet are mounted on a nylon mesh which allows for an easy installation.

Model Number: EMT_122-MIX-MRFP
Coverage Calculator Square Feet To Sheets Required:

0.98 SqFt. Per Sheet.

How To Calculate The Square Footage Of Material You Will Need

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The first step to calculating how many square feet of material you will need is to measure each area where tile will be applied. It is usually easiest to break each area up into its own space if you don't have a simple square or rectangular shaped area. You can take measurements in either inches, or feet. If you measure in feet you simply multiply the length x the width of each area in feet, to calculate the square footage for that area. If you measure in inches, simply multiply the length x the width of each area in inches, this will determine the total area size in square inches. To convert square inches to square feet, simply divide that number by 144. To get the total project square footage, add the square footage total of each area together. Remember to always round up to the next square foot and add 10% to the total amount to account for overages. Simply multiply the total square footage measured by 1.1 to get the total square footage including a 10% estimate for overages. The illustration below shows a complete example of how to measure your back splash area.

Use this calculator below to determine how many sheets you will need for your project. Simply type the square footage of your project into the square footage field, then click on the "Calculate" button.

Project Calculator:
Square Footage: sq. ft.
Sheets Required: pieces

Please Note: It is recommended that you order at least 10% more sheets of tile to account for overages due to cutting mistakes and tile pattern fit. Simply multiply the "Sheets Required" number by 1.1 to determine the adjusted quantity to order.
Material: Metal And Glass Mix - Mirror Finish  
Sheet Size: 11.7"x12.0"
Sq. Ft Per Sheet: 0.98 sq. ft.
Piece Size: Various Sizes (8mm thick)
Sheet Mounting: Nylon Mesh Backing.
Installation Guide: Mosaic Tile Installation Guide & FAQ
Manufacturer / Brand: Eden Mosaic Tile
Ships From: OH, USA
Additional Notes: This stainless steel mosaic tile is comprised of a real stainless steel "cap" attached to a ceramic backing. This provides two obvious advantages, the first being cost. Solid metal mosaic pieces would significantly increase the cost of the tile to an unattainable amount. Secondly, it would be very hard to cut a solid 8mm thick piece of stainless steel.
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